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Ending HIV Transmission and AIDS in Singapore by 2030

Anteh Dispensary Pte Ltd Provides 安德西药房提供 Anonymous HIV TEST: 艾滋病匿名测试 1: 3rd Generation Rapid Test(By Blood) 第三代艾滋病快速检测(血液检查) 2: 4rd Generation Rapid Test(By Blood) 第四代艾滋病快速检测(血液检查) 3: Oral Quick Rapid Test(Painless, No need Draw Blood) 口腔快速检测(无痛,不需要抽血) Please contact us if you have any enquires. We are WALK IN Clinic, you may come down anytime during our operating Hours. 如需知道详情请与我们联系,不需要预约,您可以任意选择在我们的开放时间到访。

Arrange yourself to do the Test TODAY !!!!

Best Regards Anteh Dispensary Pte Ltd

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