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从2019年2月一日起,所有在新加坡地区以外出生的12岁以下的孩子如需办理在新加坡的长期居留准证比如:Student pass(学生证),Long term visit pass(长期探访准证),Depend pass(家属准证),必须先向新加坡疫苗局提供疫苗注射的证明,得到批准后方可进行下一步的相关准证申请。 其中必须注射的疫苗:白喉(diphtheria)和麻疹(measles)是一定要按照新加坡的时间标准 来进行严格注射的,不然则视为无效

With effected from 01/02/2019, all the foreign children who are not born in SINGAPORE need to seek for approval of immunization registry before applying for student pass/ long term visit pass/ dependant's pass. compulsory vaccinationsare : diphtheria and measles. these two vaccinations have to completed with a specific time-frame otherwise it will not be considered valid.

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Baby Vaccination Singapore

Baby Vaccination Services


Once your baby is born, they will be prone to diseases and virus’ as their immune system will not have yet fully developed. Immunisation is consequently vital and prepares their body to fight against any serious infection. We provide baby vaccination in Singapore designed to help your baby fight against any early risk of infection. Over the first few months of their life, your baby will require a number of injections in order to become fully vaccinated and immune to some of the world’s most deadly and contagious diseases. As they grow older, they may require a few additional vaccinations to ensure they are immune against diseases which may impact them as a child. 


Consequences of Being Unvaccinated


In Singapore, the majority of the population have been vaccinated and as a result, many highly infectious and dangerous diseases in the area have been prevented. This reduces the likelihood of your child becoming ill, however this does not mean they are immune to doing so. All around the globe, such diseases are still prominent, meaning that it is crucial for your child to be vaccinated in order to remain protected.


Should you choose not to get your baby immunised, they are at a significantly greater risk of becoming ill. They are at risk of dangerous diseases such as mumps, polio and the flu, all of which can be fatal.


Our Vaccination Services


Our vaccinations for kids have been designed in a comprehensive program to make your child immune to the world’s harmful viruses. This allows your child to enjoy the early years of life without the potential risk of becoming ill. Whilst the vaccination for kids process may be stressful for both you and your baby, the risk of not being vaccinated is too high. Our baby vaccination services in Singapore have been specially designed to ensure that your experience is as comfortable as possible. Our doctors make an active effort to ensure both you and your baby are happy throughout the process, ensuring neither of you becomes distressed. The vaccines that we offer include but not limiting to below:


•           Flu

•           Diphtheria (D)

•           Tetanus (T)

•           Pertussis (Also Known as Whooping Cough, P)

•           Polio (IPV)

•           Haemophilus Influenzae Type b (Hib)

•           Hepatitis B

•           Measles

•           Mumps

•           Rubella

•           Typhoid

•           Meningococcal Disease (groups A, C, W and Y)

•           Meningococcal Disease (group B)

•           Pneumococcal Infection (PCV)

•           Human Papillomavirus (HPV)


How Do We Administer Vaccines?


Nearly all vaccines that we administer are done through injection. This is the fastest and most effective way to get the vaccine into the bloodstream which also poses the least risk. Our team will often try to distract your little one during the vaccination for kids process. Many a time they may only feel like a mosquito bite. [ Occasionally, if they are relaxed enough, they might not even know that they have been vaccinated ! ]

 If you have any questions about the vaccination we are administering, or you would like to find out more about what vaccines your baby needs, please feel free to ask our team. They will be more than happy to provide you with the answers you require to put your mind at ease.


Immunisation Form Services


Vaccination requirements for foreign-born Children applying for Long Term Immigration Passes to Singapore


With effect from 1st February 2019, the Ministry of Health [ MOH ] of Singapore will be introducing Diphtheria and Measles vaccination for kids requirements as a prerequisite for foreign-born children applying for long term immigration passes to Singapore.

Foreigner aged 12 years old and below, who are first time applicants for dependent pass (DP) or Long term visit pass(LTVP) issued by Ministry of Manpower (MOM), and student’s pass(STP)  issued by Immigrations and Checkpoints Authority (ICA), are required to submit documentary proof for vaccinations to the Health Promotion Board(HPB) for verification before they can proceed to the applications to MOM or ICA for their long term stay in Singapore.


We provide 1 stop service forImmunisation Form Filling Service , ie, Documentary proof for Vaccination, such as  Translation ,Applying for Verification of vaccination requirements &

Getting a doctor’s endorsement, Providing top- up vaccination & Submission to HPB on your behalf.

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