At PEP Stop /HIV Anonymous STD/HIV Testing @ Geylang Anteh, our mission is simple - to make you feel and stay healthy. Whether you’re coming in for a regular checkup or an urgent treatment, our dedicated team of health practitioners has the skills and resources to take care of your needs. Schedule a consultation or come in today to see how we can help

安德西药房提供艾滋病阻断药物/匿名艾滋病测试/性病的检查与治疗等多种服务。 我们的目标是让每位患者都得到健康。无论您是普通生病检查还是急诊,我们的护士团队和医生都会竭尽所能地致力于让每位患者得到康复。如果您需要我们的帮助,请致电或者直接来找医生问诊,不需要预约。


Anteh Dispensary provide anonymous HIV test , all the conversation and result will be absolutely private and confidential. We use both 3rd and 4rd generation to detected HIV, the accuracy of the test is above 95%.Anteh is a Walk in Clinic, no need Appointment! 


PEP is a medicine to stop the HIV to grow, you have to take the medicine within 72 hours, if you suspect you may gey infection please contact us as soon as possible to get a best time of treatment.

PrEp is to prevent the HIV virus to grown in body.


Anteh dispensary provide Chlamydia ,gonorrhea, syphilis etc... STD scrren and treatment. All the conversation and patients detail is under private and confidential, clinic will not disclose patient details.

Anteh Dispensary provide women care service, pregnancy test, HPV vaccine with the lowest price! ,contraceptive and emergency birth control.Urine tract infection etc...if you felt discomfort please come to visit our clinic, there is no appointment needed.    CHAS CARD AVAILABLE 

Anteh Dispensary provide MEN care service. Our male doctor will get in touch with your problem like STD, Anonymous Hiv test, sexual disorder , hair loss, quit smoke and quit drug etc... all the patient details is under private and confidential.               CHAS CARD AVAILABLE